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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hellloooo Harry!

So I was able to send my package off to my partner in the Disney Villains swap. She said she loved it. I am really happy to hear that! I was sooo stressed that she may not like the stuff or think it was all goofy. Nerves got the best of me. So now....... da da dada I got in on the Harry Potter swap! Totally excited! Should get partners next weekend. Pretty cool. There are sooo many projects out there on the web and in my head! (lol i made a little rhyme) Leaky Cauldron, Yahoo has a Harry Potter craft group plus tons other places. Should be pretty cool, just hoping I already have the supplies I can use. That was the whole point of getting into these, use stuff I already have so I don't spend money (which I don't have) and keep myself occupied!

Alijah is going to help me! She is home this week and is just growing so much! And she's so smart too! I think she will grow up to be a Rocket Scientist, Doctor of Medicine, Fashion designer, lead musician of a band, and best mom to some lucky kids.

Love her!

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