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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hello again!

Long time no see. So I have been into this reading kick lately. Last month I wizzed through the Hunger Games. It was OK. Not quite what I expected but I would recommend them. Over the last couple of weeks I have read the E.L. James 50 Shades trilogy. I read the last book within about 24 hours. I have read anything like that in years! Since the A. N. Roquelaure Beauty trilogy. Talk about causing a stir! lol both internally and out in the world. I saw a post yesterday on a craft site I belong to. Someone had asked about the books and one woman had stated they were smut and that it was such poor writing, yada, yada, yada. She sounded bitter about it. The question that puzzles me is if she found them THAT bad then why did she proceed to read all three? You know, I get it, not quite sure about the first book so try book two but to go as far as to read the third if you are hating it? I also found it funny that she called it smut, the book clearly states "Erotic Romance"


  [ih-rot-ik]  Show IPA
adjective Also, e·rot·i·cal.
arousing or satisfying sexual desire: an erotic dance.
of, pertaining to, or treating of sexual loveamatory: anerotic novel.
subject to or marked by strong sexual desire.
an erotic poem.
an erotic person.
1615–25;  < Greek erōtikós  of love, caused by love, given tolove, equivalent to erōt-  (stem of érōs Eros  + -ikos -ic

I don't know, I would expect some sex in there if this word was somewhere on the book. You know, I get it, everyone is more than entitled to their opinion, it makes life interesting. I just found it interesting the strong opinion she had about it.

On another note, I want to make some changes. I want to start getting off my ass and exercising. I think I am going to dust off the hula work out videos I have as well as a couple other workout videos. I am finding that I am out of breath after not do much physical exertion, plus it would be nice to have a little less of me and easier to find things that fit and not make me so self conscious. I am trying to dress a little more professional at work and this would make it easier. Another thing I have been working on is clearing things out, trying to make things a little more simpler. Just a couple things I am working on. 

My Alijah is growing up so fast. She is so smart! She's sitting playing with her Tangled tea set we got last week. Her imagination has just gotten so great and she enjoys singing. I love my little one!

Well this is all for now. I won't make anymore promises of posting more often as I do seem to break them. I hope all is good in your world!

Take care,
Pixie/ Nana / Chelle