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Saturday, January 14, 2012

2012... take it or leave it?

So what are your thoughts on 2012 so far? All I know is that it has been crazy at work! There is just not enough hours in the day to get everything done!.

Right now I have a bit of a cold. Hope that goes by quickly!

I have decided to take it easy on the swaps on Craftster. I still check it out everyday and admire the neat things people have been making but I'm just not feeling the swaps like I was a year ago. I think it's a different crowd and even when I try making some posts (which isn't that often) I feel like a ghost. It's like nobody sees me. I may just be acting like a baby but, whatever. I was an angel for a swap and worked really hard on the items I made and sent and then the person disappeared and didn't post pictures and the ones I took are stuff somewhere in T-mobile land because they won't load my picture gallery online. BOO!!!! I painted my first pair of shoes and this quittich paddle that I was really proud of! Another lesson learned. lol I am still going to do the Hoopla swaps because I have done those from the beginning and I enjoy making the hoops regardless that they don't get the reaction from the community that I hope for. (Again acting like a baby)  I want to do a couple of personal swaps with my internet friends on FB (which I met on Craftster, ironic huh? lol)

I am going to work on new items for my etsy shop, PixieFirefly. Some crochet items, jewelry and I want to make some old school coin purses and little wristlet purses. I have a bunch of fat quarters that are perfect for these items! I want to do some more embroidery too! I am currently working on a hoop for one of my friends who's pregnant. I am having a great time doing it because I am trying something different and creating a story for the character. I will post a pic when I am done.

I am also working at getting me together both mentally and financially. That's a hard one! I am trying to just craft things and cook instead of looking for deals on things. I love going out thrifting  (I got a real Coach Wallet once for $2.99!) and finding things for cheap or checking out sales or getting more crafting supplies. It doesn't seem like a large amount of money at the time but does add up. And god knows the car needs major work so the pennies are better put there!

Alijah is growing like a weed. She is getting so much smarter too. She is enjoying going to pre-school. She goes to a christian one and also enjoys when they go into the sanctuary. She did such a great job in her Christmas show. It was so much fun to see her sing! She is such a ham.

So, here are all the projects that are currently in progress in my bag:
1. Embroidery hoop for friends baby
2. embroidery hoop for friend I started many months ago
3. embroidery hoop for friends I stater more than a year ago right after they got married
4. crochet scarf for shop
5. crochet wash cloth for bathroom
6. crochet blanket for my bead
7. wristlet (gonna finish that today!)

and that's not including the dress I started for Alijah last year and everything else I stated and stashed in my corner! lol
Here are some items I do have pictures of that I have made.

I had a blast making these items!

Anywho. How are you guys? My many readers! How is your 2012 going so far? Anything exciting or new?

This is another thing I want to get better at... my blog!

Take care my friends!

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  1. Glad to see your arts posted. There are some really terrific items! Keep posting!