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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I suck at keeping this updated!

I am better about checking Fb than posting here...

Let's see what's going on in life right now? I am in the Alice in Wonderland swap on Craftster.org. Also the World of Warcraft swap which I am almost done with. The Hoopla round 4 just started and last night I got 2 pictures drawn up. I know for sure I am doing one, the other I am not positive about yet. We are doing diptych hoops and my partner likes water so I am going with her theme. I am really stoked on the World of Warcraft stuff I have already made and could technically send out what I have and it would be considered complete but there are a few more things I want to make. I just got my order from Hobby Lobby today with the extra stuff!! For the Alice swap I have already made a few things and am hoping that Sev really likes what I have made so far. I am actually going out on a limb and trying a craft that I have never done before for one of her items.

Did I mention that I am gonna organize my very first swap? The theme is the Tudors. You can either craft items based on the show or history. I want Elizabeth I stuff! Can't wait to see what people come up with I think it will be really neat! Kinda intimidating that I haven't organized one before but am looking forward to it! This last weekend I watched Julie & Julia. Loved it! I also started reading Julia's memoirs. Very easy to get into and read, especially after watching the movie. I am now on the hunt for her cook book so I can give my hand a try at her recipes. I just love to cook. It's a dream of mine to have my own restaurant. Maybe call is Betty McCann's after my grandma. Again.... a dream.... A pub like setting with yummy comfort foods.

So, what else? Grace is going to be 20 on Friday and we are going to celebrate Alijah being 3 on the 28th. Dana and I are going to take her to Disneyland for the first time! I can't wait, it will be sooo much fun!

Ok, so I am gonna go now instead of posting about the drama going on right now. Let's keep this on a positive note! :) Happy birthday Troublet!!

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